Drive Shafts

At Don’s Auto Parts & Machine shop, we are uniquely equipped to perform complete drive shaft repair and rebuilding services.

Complete Drive Shaft Repair & Rebuilding

Don’s has a complete inventory of slip yokes, center bearings, u-bolts and u-joints. We have every fixture to repair, build, or rebuild every drive shaft imaginable of every type, size, and material.

Drive Shafts For All 


Industrial & Truck Drive Shafts

Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty & Utility Drive Shafts 

High Performance

Hot Rod & Race Car Drive Shafts

Guaranteed Quality

Using the Shaftmaker G4 by Westport Machine Works, we electronically balance all drive shafts to ensure smooth operability. This machine measures over 18′ in length and weighs 3,000 lbs. Don’s Auto Parts & Machine Shop is the most equipped shop drive shaft services in the area.

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