Tanner McDonald is an Automotive & Performance Engine Assembler at Don’s Auto Parts & Machine Shop in Kenosha, Wisconsin. And as of April 29, 2022, the talented machinist and engine builder also holds the distinction of being a recent graduate at EFI University in Lake Havasu, Arizona. 

McDonald successfully completed all of the requirements for EFI University’s Competition Engine Development course, a detailed program that teaches advanced concepts and theory in competition engine development and assembly.

Tanner McDonald EFI University Certificate of Completion
Tanner McDonald’s EFI University Competition Engine Development Certificate of Completion

“It’s insane the amount of knowledge gained in three days,”

-Tanner McDonald

“[Instructor] Ben Strader is packed full of knowledge and has taught me a completely different approach to engine building,” explained McDonald. “I can’t wait to get back to the shop and put everything to use!”

EFI University self-describes the Competition Engine Development course as going “way beyond blueprinting.” This is a “hands-on, instructor-led journey through the maze of items to be checked, measured and inspected during the engine assembly process, but with a strong focus on the “planning” phase of parts selection before the assembly ever begins.” McDonald’s highly technical course focused on “the advancement of an engine’s performance by evaluating three main areas of efficiency: Volumetric Efficiency, Mechanical Efficiency, and Thermal Efficiency.”

“With technology in our world changing daily, we here at Don’s Machine Shop feel it is very important to keep up with our employee’s education,”

-Tony Pontillo, Owner of Don’s Auto Parts & Machine Shop

“Investing in our employees continuing education gives our employees the confidence to do the job correctly and produce the best product that we can,” explained Pontillo. “As engines become more technical everyday, the only way to stay up with technology is to continue education from some of the best schools in the country, like EFI University!”

With a commitment to master their craft, the true winner of all will be the customers who directly benefit from the continued education of the talented and hardworking team at Don’s Auto Parts & Machine Shop.

While motorsports is at the heart of Don’s Auto Parts & Machine Shop, we are highly diversified in the industries we serve. This includes the automotive, transportation, agricultural and marine industries. Don’s Auto Parts & Machine Shop offers a full array of machine shop services, drive shaft constructions and repairs, starter and alternator rebuilding, a fully stocked speed shop, and chassis dyno services. 

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